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an article, on “Takte” by Bärenreiter, Kassel: http://www.takte-online.de/portrait/detailansicht-portrait/browse/4/artikel/alchimistische-verwandlungen-der-italienische-komponist-osvaldo-coluccino/index.htm?tx_ttnews%5BbackPid%5D=521&cHash=61a4225122580916458d6df152f0d926

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a concert, on Milano Musica, Milan: http://www.milanomusica.org/it/sezione-archivio/archivio-festival/compositori/item/1352-osvaldo-coluccino-1963.html

a concert program, on RAI National Symphony Orchestra, Turin: http://www.regione.piemonte.it/notizie/piemonteinforma/archivio/diario/2007/novembre/dwd/prog_conc.pdf

an interview, on “Amadeus”, Milan: https://www.belviveremedia.com/amadeus/conversando-con-osvaldo-coluccino

a classical collection by RAI Trade, Rome: http://www.eprice.it/s/film-e-dvd/cd-musicali/musica-classica?br=RAI-TRADE

an interview, on Another Timbre, Sheffield: http://www.anothertimbre.com/page132.html

an education project, on Sound and Music, London: http://www.minuteoflistening.org/pages/about

an input about poetry, on Modern Art Gallery, Turin: http://www.gamtorino.it/it/eventi-e-mostre/osvaldo-coluccino-e-marco-gastini-presentano-il-libro-appuntamento

an encyclopedia, Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Osvaldo_Coluccino

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January 01, 2018

Next release, April 2018

Waiting for the next release with chamber music... three previous releases with chamber music:

July 29, 2017

News, winter-spring 2018

  • The album of my latest chamber music has been recorded. It will be released in April 2018. I will update on this.

Hall where the album was recorded

June 15, 2017

News, summer-autumn 2017


Santuario della Madonna di Mongiovino, Panicale

Santuario della Madonna di Mongiovino, Panicale

Scuola Grande di San Fantin (Ateneo Veneto), Venezia
Scuola Grande di San Fantin (Ateneo Veneto), Venezia

Tintoretto at Scuola Grande di San Fantin
Veronese at Scuola Grande di San Fantin

  • New videos: 



January 26, 2017

News, winter-spring 2017

  • A critical piece on the book of poems Gamete, by Rosa Pierno, in "Carte del Vento", January 2017.
  • Radio program with Emblema 5 (live in concert at Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, july 7, 2016), hosted by Luisa Antoni, on the  Slovenian national Radio Capodistria, 18.1.2017, 11:00 pm.

Museo del Novecento, Milano

Museo del Novecento, Milano

Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze

Limonaia di Villa Strozzi, Firenze

Ilshin Hall, Seoul

Ilshin Hall, Seoul

September 02, 2016

News, summer-autumn 2016



  • Two articles by Letizia Michielon: Maratona con la contemporanea – Grande successo con l'appuntamento al Festival Estate Fenice, in "Amadeus", July 2016, and Ex Novo Ensemble, il viaggio alla ricerca del suono, in "Il Gazzettino", July 10, 2016.

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    Gran Teatro La Fenice di Venezia

    April 12, 2016

    News, winter-spring 2016

    • Radio program with Atto 2 from the disc Atto on the German national radio SWR2 in Baden-Baden hosted by Thomas Loewner, May 25, 2106. 
    • Radio program with the disc Parallelo on Radio Student in Ljubljana hosted by Lukas Zagoričnik, and on Resonance FM in London hosted by zoviet*france.
    • Reviews about the release Parallelo written by Guillaume Belhomme in "Le Son du Grisli" Chantilly, Lucas Schleicher in "Dusted Magazine" Chicago, Massimo Ricci in "Touching Extremes" Rome, and by etero genio in Sands-Zine (Parallelo and Dimensioni).

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    December 04, 2015

    New disc

    The CD Osvaldo Coluccino, Parallelo, electroacoustic works 2007-2009, is released. Photos by Osvaldo Coluccino, cover design and treatments by Daniel Crockaert. Unfathomless, Bruxelles, December 2015.

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    July 11, 2015

    News, summer-autumn 2015

    September – radio broadcast on SWR2, hosted by Reinhard Ermen, 11.09.2015, 10:30 am.
    July – performance of Archeo, a composition for 60 musicians, by Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI conducted by Fabio Maestri, at Auditorium RAI “A. Toscanini” in Turin. A recording for RAI Archive and for an upcoming broadcast on Rai Radio 3.
    June – concert with Quale velo, a composition for ensemble of 8 musicians, conducted by Flavio Emilio Scogna, at the Teatro Lirico Sperimentale di Spoleto “A. Belli”.
    June – critical piece about Attimo in the disc String Quartets by Reinhard Ermen of SWR 2, in the book Monate II by Nora Schattaurer and Reinhard Ermen, Kettler editions, Bönen, 2015.
    June/July –  among others, radio broadcasts about electroacoustic on RAI Radio 3 hosted by Pino Saulo, on RTBF-Musiq3 hosted by Eric Stevens and Sébastian Biset, on The Wire “on air” hosted by Derek Walmsley, on Berlin Community Radio.
    May/June –  interview on "Amadeus", by Rossella Spinosa.
    Spring/Summer –  reviews on the disc Dimensioni by Leonardo Di Maio, Angelo Foletto, Massimo Ricci, Antonello Cresti

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    Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI

    Auditorium RAI, Torino

    Teatro Lirico di Spoleto

    March 01, 2015

    New disc

    The CD Osvaldo Coluccino, Dimensioni, electroacoustic works 1997-2007, is released. Foreword by Osvaldo Coluccino, cover design by Dinamomilano. Die Schachtel, Milan, March 2015.

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    February 16, 2015

    New book

    The book Osvaldo Coluccino, Gamete, poems 1989-1990, is published. Afterword by Gilberto Isella, original cover design by Giulio Paolini. Coup d'Idée - Art Editions, Turin 2014.

    read two critical fragments about in "POESIA (italiano)"
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